Good for us, good for our planet

Ecological materials

Mainio clothes are designed to be lived and loved in for years. That’s why we work with materials that are as durable as they are good for the planet and its humans. Every collection we launch is made from sustainably and ethically sourced high-quality organic cotton and mulesing-free merino wool. This guarantees that our products are completely free from harmful chemicals and safe enough to eat (although we don’t recommend you to try that). Read our 2020 sustainability report here.

Softness for us and the Earth

Our base is soft: organically farmed cotton jersey is the building block of our collections. Soft against soft skin, it is easy to both wear and take care of. All of the organic cotton jersey we use is GOTS-certified. We are working hard to reduce the need for elastane in the future, as it shortens the lifespan of a garment and makes it more difficult to recycle.

Seeing double

We use double sizes. Roll up trouser legs and sleeves that are too long and adjust the garments’ waists so that your kid can play in our clothes for far longer. Longevity is sewn into the very design of our clothes: we favour designs that look good both oversize or fitted. Long Mainio dresses turn into tunics that then turn into shirts as your kid grows into bigger adventures.

Standards and guidelines

Are you curious about the standards and guidelines that we adhere to? Read more about the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and the SA8000 certification.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a textile processing standard that requires the producer to respect rigid environmental criteria. GOTS-certified factories are regularly audited by Social Inspection Audits to ensure that the certificate’s environmental and social requirements are met.

Fair to the core

We want to treat our people and our planet with care and believe that our products are only as fair as the conditions that we give their makers.

Fair and square

Our partner factories in India and Lithuania are both SA8000 certified. Established by Social Accountability International (SAI), SA8000 is a social standard that advances and protects the human rights of workers and guarantees decent living wages. It focuses on nine core elements: child labour, forced labour, health and safety, freedom of association and right to collective bargaining, discrimination, discipline practices, working hours, compensation and management systems.

Living wages

The SA8000 standard covers the concept of living wage, defined by the Global Living Wage Coalition as a remuneration that is enough to cover a decent standard of living for both the worker and their family. Food, clean drinking water, housing, education, healthcare, transport, clothing and other essential needs should all be obtainable with a fair living wage. All of the workers in our collaborators’ factories earn a wage that meets the real cost of living, often more than the government minimum. We want to make sure that the kids of our collaborators’ workers are also allowed to be kids.

Thai Exports

Without Thai Exports, there wouldn’t be Mainio. With their help, we turned Mainio from sketches and ideas into real, tangible clothes. Our founders have known and worked with Thai Exports for almost two decades and we are proud to have grown a friendship with this family-owned factory located in Tirupur, a textile hub known as the knitwear capital of India. We are proud of how Mainio has grown since our first collection made in collaboration with Thai Exports. Since then, we've expanded our world – today, we work with talented craftspeople in Finland, Ukraine, Estonia and Lithuania.

Our Production (2020):
40 % of our collection is produced in India,
30 % in Lithuania, 20 % in Ukraine and 10 % is produced in Finland and Estonia.


India has a 5000-year-old heritage and culture and our language is equally as old, structured with grammar written down 5000 years ago. Our culture is based on family. Family ties have the highest priority in life – we value families over individualism. We all bonded by blood relationship of family. Our lives are guided and enhanced by our relatives and family members. When we are together and united, we are happy.

The highest, most revered and most-loved person in the world for every Indian is their mother. Here, mothers are like gods. They bear all pains and live for their children. India itself is described as Bharath Matha, which means ‘mother’. Other nations call their countries Fathers, but ours is our Mother. For us, mother is not a person, but a feeling that we all share. That’s why our factory is named Thai Exports – in our language, ’Thai’ means mother, the loveliest creature in the world.


Our partners

Take care

Favourite outfits are forever. Here’s what you can do to make your clothes last. We’d love to see your lived-in clothes! Share them on Instagram with the hashtag #livemainio.


Life is beautifully messy. Play, roam and explore the world fearlessly – and then return home to wash your Mainios.

  • Wash your Mainios only when really needed.
  • Choose an environmentally-friendly detergent and avoid softeners.
  • Wash in low temperatures – it is more ecological and the clothes’ prints will shine brighter and longer.


Our clothes are meant to be lived and played in. When life happens, fix and customise your ripped and stained clothes.

  • Cover stains by adding patches or embroidery.
  • Fix tears in knees and other tricky spots with patches.
  • When your trousers and shirts have seen so many adventures that they can no longer be salvaged, cut them into shorts and t-shirts. Live wild and keep the edges raw.